Youth Club in London – TAL

Are you looking for a youth club in London? Are you looking for fun activities to enjoy with your friends? Are you looking to make new friends? TAL 1923 is a new program running to fulfil the needs of Jewish students in London. This youth program has been created specially for you. Come, relax, enjoy […]

Jewish Learning at The Family Weekend Away

At TAL, we are getting busy to give you the opportunity to delve yourself into Jewish learning for a whole weekend. Jewish learning is so uplifting and inspiring. That is why we organise THE TAL LEGENDARY FAMILY WEEKEND AWAY! Come and relax with your family in a stunning resort near London. This year we are […]

Youth Organizations in London

TAL is one of the leading youth organizations in London. Rabbi Jonathan Tawil is the Founder and Director of TAL, a dynamic youth organization that unites, connects and inspires Jewish Youth. By combining the wonderful depth of Torah wisdom and Action based on exciting activities, the Life of our youth has been enhanced producing a […]

London Jewish News

Yet another time, The Jewish News, one of the most popular London Jewish news papers, writes an article about TAL. TAL has been related many times in local newspapers specially for its unique events and trips. This time, the event pointed out was a Cocktail Evening we organised for students at The Shoreditch Platform. The […]

Torah Study

Torah study is essential. Beginners or advancers, we all need to find the appropriate shiur. TAL is an active Jewish organisation that runs weekly Shiurim in London. We offer different types of lectures around the community. We organise Men, Women and Mixte shiurim. Our programs take place in local synagogues in Golders Green, Hendon, Stamford […]

Weekly Parsha

So many secrets are hidden in our weekly parsha. There is so much to learn. Our Torah is full of stories teaching us how to be a better person, how to think positively, how to behave in certain situations, how to react to news we hear and more. We weekly need to remind ourselves the […]

Jewish Events and Learning Programs

TAL is organising Jewish Events in London for students and young professionals all year around. We organise all sorts of events to give you the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying an amazing events. This year we had the opportunity to organise our first Inaugural Gala Dinner. We were very honoured to show and […]

Jewish Community in London – Torah Action Life

The Jewish Community in London is very active. There is so much going on. Lots of events are organised to allow the community to get together and grow. We are very lucky to have lots of organisations providing services to support the community in all areas. Religious background or culture doesn’t matter, we all feel part […]