Rabbi Jonathan Tawil

Balak 5779

Small Actions   The great Sage Rav stated (Gemara Nazir 23b) a person should always endeavor to study Torah and perform Mitsvot, even if he is performing the Mitsvot for an alternative reason, and not for the sake of Heaven (Afilu SheLelo Lishma – Shemitoch Shelo Lishma Ba Lishma). For, through performing the Mitsvot even […]

Chukat 5779

Disconnect to Reconnect!   Enter a synagogue during the week and take a look around. What are people’s facial expressions? Tired, overworked, stressed? When it comes to Shabbat morning however, it would seem that you are entering a different place with completely different people. Everyone seems to be happy, excited and well rested. Why is […]

Korach 5779

Parasha Insights  To become a leader one needs stamina, charisma, to be persistent, powerful and pushy in his drive. One needs to walk over others that step in his path, pushing them aside, and work hard to keep his position. I am of course talking about a leader in the secular world. When one looks […]

Shelach Lecha 5779

Confidence! The spies returned from their 40 day tour of the land of Israel. As they are relating to the Bnei Yisrael what they saw, they exclaim, “We saw the… sons of the giant… and we were like grasshoppers in our eyes… and so we were in their eyes!” Our sages ask why this double […]

Behalotecha 5779

Behalotecha Are you Moshe?!   Want to be a servant? Of course not, it’s a tough job right? Well there’s another side to that argument. The number of butlers registered with Greycoat Placements, the servants’ employment agency, has almost doubled to more than 5,000 over the past five years. It seems that demand is rampant […]

Nasso 5779

The Ultimate Blessing!   Shabbat arrives and the family gathers round the table. The children approach their father for a blessing, and out of his Holy mouth emanates the famous words Yevarechacha Hashem Veyishmeracha – May Hashem Bless you and Guard you. This was the daily priestly blessing, given by the Kohanim in the Bet […]

Shavuot 5779

Unity in Numbers! What does a number mean to you? Technically a number is a mathematical object used to count and measure. Yet we use numbers to represent important times in our lives, to role dice in a game or even play a lucky lottery. This week we enter the fourth book of the Torah […]

Bechoukotai 5779

Imagination!   Blessings are great, but curses, well no one wants to hear those. This weeks Parsha sets out the blessings that will occur when we do the Will of our Creator, and Chas Ve Shalom the curses that will occur if we don’t.   One of the curses although bad, could seem worse. Venastem […]

Behar 5779

Put your money where your mouth is! I was watching closely as two of my students raged in a debate. It looked as if it was starting to get personal and eventually one of them yelled out ‘put your money where your mouth is!”. Interesting I thought, what’s he going to do now? My mind […]

Emor 5779

TIME IS PRECIOUS Time is of the essence!   The crowd had gathered for a popular wedding. All eyes were now on the Chatan and Kalla. The Chatan prepared the ring for his new bride. He was shivering, and in his fear dropped the ring. The crowds’ eyes lit up as they focussed on this […]

Kedoshim 5779

Revenge! Your child is playing on the beach with his friend making a sand castle. He makes the most magnificent edifice with four towers, a moat of water and great structures. After four hours of hard work, he runs to tell you about it. As you both stare at the wonderful sand castle, his ‘friend’ […]

Acharei Mot 5779

Leaving a true legacy! Since the day Adam Harishon was created and then moved on to the higher worlds, a theory about life has been made. Everyday people take their lives for granted. But after they have faced mortal loss or life-threatening situations, their attitude towards life change. They soon come to understand that the […]