Rabbi Jonathan Tawil

Vaetchanan 5780

Parasha Insights What are the most fundamental words in the Torah? Can we ask such a question? The entire Torah is holy and we should not single out any words. Yet, we know that throughout our long exile certain words have stuck to us with vigour. Perhaps the Ten Commandments, perhaps Kriat Shema, Both of […]

Devarim 5780

Where’s My Reward? The Midrash Tehillim says that the Giants Og and Sichon were more formidable adversaries than Pharaoh and his army. Moshe had battled Sichon and won. Now he faced a war against the mighty Og. Yet before this war, Moshe seems to be worried. Hashem has to reassure him – Al Tirah Otoh […]

Mattot – Masei 5780

I speak, therefore I am! The Gemara Baba Metzia (58b) tells us that when Rav Dimi arrived to Babylon from Eretz Yisrael, Abaye asked him: “About what are they careful in the West – what Mitzvah do they especially adhere to? The response was “they take extra special care not to embarrass others in public”. […]

Pinchas 5780

LEADERSHIP – Top Leader! The daughters of Tselofchad were very righteous and wise. The Midrash (Otzar Midrashim p474) lists them among the 23 most righteous Jewish women in history. Their father had died in the wilderness and left five girls behind. He had no sons. Now that the Bnei Yisrael were deciding on dividing the […]

Korach 5780

Parasha Insights To become a leader one needs stamina, charisma, to be persistent, powerful and pushy in his drive. One needs to walk over others that step in his path, pushing them aside, and work hard to keep his position. I am of course talking about a leader in the secular world. When one looks […]

Shelach Lecha 5780

Parasha Insights The Parsha of Shelach Lecha is a tragic turning point in the history of Klal Yisrael. They were on the verge of entering Eretz Yisrael when the action of the Meraglim (spies) changed everything. The Pasuk relates that” One man was chosen as a representative from each Shevet (tribe) to report back about […]

Behalotecha 5780

Bite the Apple! Ron Wayne was one of the three original founders of Apple in 1976, along with 25-year old Steve Wozniak and 21-year-old Jobs. Forty-two at the time, Wayne provided much-needed adult supervision in a company of young creative’s. Wayne drew the first Apple logo, wrote the three men’s original partnership agreement and wrote […]

Nasso 5780

Parasha insights   This week, we read the longest Parsha in the Torah containing 176 verses. (It is interesting to note that the longest tractate in Talmud Bava Basra also has 176 pages and the longest chapter in Tanach being Tehilim (Psalms) 119 also has 176 verses.)   Long as it may be, there seems […]

Shavuot 5780

  The Mitzvah essential for Jewish survival!   Baron Horace Ginzburg was a resident of St. Petersburg in Russia and a person of significant influence there in the latter part of the nineteenth century. It was a solemn Yom Kippur and the Baron was in the great synagogue whilst the bidding started for “Peticha” (the […]

Bamidbar 5780

POSITIVE ATTITUDE Moshe was told to count the Jewish nation. “Take a census of the entire assembly of the Children of Israel according to their families… From twenty years of age and up…everyone who goes out to the legion…” (Bamidbar 1:2-3). This count included every tribe except that of Levi. They were reserved for a […]

Behar- Bechukotai 5780

Parasha Insights  In this week’s Parasha, Moshe Rabenu is having a tough time as a leader and seemingly has a breakdown. This is potentially one of the lowest emotional ebbs of his entire career as a leader.   The people are complaining, and for once in his life Moshe lacks the strength to carry on. […]

Emor 5780

Generating Education Even In Lockdown!   The current lockdown is sure to have ramifications for a generation. We now realise how lucky we were to have our children educated at school and overnight we have been turned into teachers of all subjects, advisors, therapists, exercise teachers and quite frankly everything a parent should be! The […]