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Caffeine for the soul

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Date: 25 September 2019

Time: 8:30 pm

More info:

The program is designed to provide authentic Torah content for the contemporary women of today.

This program will give you the tools to meet other women and connect to yourself in a more meaningful way.

The program is for free with limited spaces.

For more info please contact us to info@torahactionlife.com or 07792460986

Tuesday 17th  September 2019

Honor thy child

Speaker: Adina Stilerman

Tuesday 24th September 2019

Chinuch Lecutre (Babies Welcome)

Speaker: Rebbetzin Tatz

Wednesday 25th September 2019

A Journey inwards and upwards

Speaker Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt

Monday 7th October

Pre Yom Kippur

Speaker :Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt