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  A recent survey by the National Centre for Social Research found that for the first time, more than half of people in the UK (53%) described themselves as having "no religion". Among those aged between 18 and 25, the…

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  There is a widely discussed question of why Rosh HaShanah precedes Yom HaKippur. Logically, it would seem to make more sense-and certainly be to our advantage-for the day of Mercy, when we are forgiven for our sins to precede…

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Judaism – Just a Religion?

Have you ever felt that being Jewish can be limiting and restricting? Or have you perhaps viewed Yiddishkeit as a systematic rigid construct with no room for self-expression and passion? If the answer to the above is “No”, then this…

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Sukkot Insights

During Yom Kippur we restored our relationship with Hashem. On Sukkot we learn how that relationship should affect our everyday lives. The principal lesson we learn is that Hashem has made comprehensive provision for all our needs. This lesson is…

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