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About TAL

TAL was founded by Rabbi Jonathan Tawil with the idea of uniting the community and catering for our youth. At TAL we are not waiting for the future – we are creating the future! TAL is an Exciting new Jewish organisation with a vision of enhancing the lives of young professionals and Jewish youth. We are open to all those of Jewish background, with a specific concentration on the Sephardic community. We work closely with all communities ensuring that our youth have a sense of pride in our synagogues, as well as a new exciting environment to flourish in. Since inception, TAL has seen astronomical growth and has flourished: We have established a dynamic calendar of events to bring the community together and engage with our youth.

Uniting – Connecting – Inspiring

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Torah + Action = Life

On the Torah side, TAL has produced an innovative Parasha Sheet with contributions from all the Communal Rabbi’s and leaders. The Parasha Sheet is distributed throughout London and the UK to over 25 synagogues and is enjoyed by thousands. We have set up a Chavruta night where people from all backgrounds can come and learn in a fantastic atmosphere. And we have organised weekly Shiurim around the community.

On the Action side, TAL has successfully organised many Awesome Themed Shabbatons with attendance of over 200 people at each Shabbaton. TAL creates an inspiring atmosphere coupled with a great social which enables participants to meet and develop relationships with youth from the wider community. Recently TAL organised a sensational International Weekend with attendance of over 400 Young Professionals. Other activities include: singles events, trips abroad, paintballing, go-carting, cooking classes, Melava Malka’s, Chanuka & Purim Parties.

Meet the team

Rabbi Tawil

Director & Founder

As Director and Founder of TAL (Torah Action Life) Rabbi Jonathan Tawil is a visionary leader with sincerity and dedication…

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Raaya Tawil


Born in Israel and raised in Panama, Raya brings with her charisma a wealth of knowledge and a feeling excitement…

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Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt


The Rebbetzin was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. She is a student of Rabbi Mordechai Miller…

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Simy Vaz Mouyal

Event & Operations Executive

Simy has a very warm background, she was born in Malaga and was brought up in Portugal and Gibraltar. Simy…

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