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Torah Portion

The Publication

The publication also has a guest writer each week who delivers their insights on the week’s Torah Portion as well as an informative Halacha Article and an article from Chachamim.
To top of the Sheet there is a fun Kids section which relates to the weeks Torah making learning fun and informative.

The Parasha Sheet has family announcements and Mazol Tovs from our community and also has advertising opportunities.

The publication is printed and delivered to over 40 Synagogues in Northwest London and also is published in the Jewish Weekly Newspaper. In addition to this distribution, the Parasha Sheet is also uploaded to our website and distributed around local businesses and restaurants in area.

If you would like to advertise in the Parasha Sheet for very competitive costs and get your business out in the community or If you would like to Sponsor the weekly Parasha Sheet and have the publication printed in honour of a Simcha or in memory of a loved one, Please contact Katie on 07759 550 102 or email

Rabbi Articles

Each week Rabbi Tawil writes an article welcoming in Shabbat and giving us his thoughts and insights on the weekly Parasha. Rabbi Tawil’s articles incorporate an amazing understanding of the weekly Torah content as well as its meaning and how it relates to our everyday lives.

In addition to Rabbi Tawil’s articles, TAL is honoured to have a guest Rabbi write for them each week in their Parasha Sheet. Their article is also published live on the TAL website, and provides a further thought provoking insight to the weekly Torah portion.

The articles written by different Rabbis each week are a wonderful way to build knowledge and insight from the Torah and gain values and inspiration to guide us all in our everyday lives.

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