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What your gift means to us

By leaving a gift of donation in your will to Torah Action Life, your compassion and kindness will live on. It will stretch further, reach more members of our community, help our youth study Judaism, and continue to connect our Jewish networks throughout the world. TAL will be able to continue teaching Torah and supporting its members and all the projects that we have built to continue to provide young Jewish people the support they need to develop into adults.

Our legacy team are available to answer any questions you may have or to discuss the huge difference your donation could make in our work and in the lives of many young Jewish people.

Make a Difference

Thanks to the money left to us by generous people in their will, we can continue the extremely special work that we do. The programs that we create and build will continue to thrive and we can, ensure the ongoing growth of TAL enabling new students and vulnerable members of our young society the ability to be educated and supported through their young adult life.

Each Year TAL aims to raise a substantial amount through fundraising and other means, so that we can offer our continued support to youth and young professionals in the Jewish community who need it most. With your help, we will make sure that your memory lives on in our work and we will deliver the best care and quality to our programs.

Your legacy

Your legacy will ensure that Jewish families from all over the world will be able to celebrate the Sabbath and festivals together and never be alone

Our community will have a Jewish education and a place to study the Torah

The youth of our community will have a centre to meet and have programs to keep them connected and engaged with society

Young adults with be a part of a Jewish network and never be alone

Young boys and girls will be prepared for their coming of age in preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

For further information give us a call 07753 550 102 or email

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