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What is freedom?

What was the purpose of the going out from Egypt? Hashem informed Moshe that upon leaving they would 'serve Hashem on this mountain'. In other words they were not being freed from slavery for freedoms sake, to live a life…

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Making a Mockery

A typical Jewish married couple are the proud parents of a 12-year-old daughter. They are not at all Jewishly observant, but they want their child to grow up happy and healthy, and to marry a Jew. You point out to…

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Hashem Melech!

At a Brit in Jerusalem a great Rabbi stood up to speak and wish well to the grandfather, an accomplished Talmud scholar, on the occasion of the Bris of his first grand-child, “Mazel Tov” he said, “today you are a…

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What is Faith?

As we start the book of Shemot, let us delve into its general message and central theme. The perashah begins with the descent of Yaakov Avinu and his family to Egypt. They were only a small group when they arrived,…

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