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Have you ever felt in an awkward situation where you really want to let your feelings be known, but its been hard to portray them well? The key to success boils down to communication. Portraying your message clearly and accurately…

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There is a joke told about a thief who decided to rob a house one night. He broke in stealthily and after much effort found some expensive jewellery which he managed to pack into his bag. Just then he heard…

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Parsha Insights1

Yitro hears about all that Hashem did for the Jewish people when He took them out of Egypt and decides to join them. The first Rashi on this week’s Parsha asks what exactly did Yitro hear that made him come…

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Parasha Insights

How is your schedule looking next week? Shouldn’t really talk about it on Shabbat, but I am asking as this question has a specific lesson to teach. We are grateful to be living in one of the most advanced nations…

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