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  Live Forever!

If there is one thing for certain in life, it is that everyone dies. Sounds depressing, but in actual fact we know that this world is but a corridor to the Real (Eternal) World – the world to come. Yet…

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Explain Yourself

Yaakov Avinu  was instructed by his parents to go to the house   of Lavan to find himself a spouse. He ended up marrying Lavan’s daughters, Rachel and Leah, for whom he worked tirelessly for fourteen years, to be able to…

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Parasha Insights

After seven years of working hard for Lavan in order to marry his daughter Rachel, and eager to build the next block in Am Yisrael, Yaakov awakens in the morning and is stunned to find out that he has been…

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Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon commonly known in the West as Alexander the Great King of Macedon (336–323 B.C.E.), was the most successful military commander of ancient history, conquering most of the known world before his death. Our Sages relate the…

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