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Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel….. The Ancient Greeks have contributed a great deal to society. They played an important part in the development of the alphabet (the first two letters of the Greek alphabet – alpha and beta – have given us…

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Chanuka Presents!

The delicious smell of doughnuts is in the air, and the beautiful candles across the community are alight as we delve into oil for the next eight days, sharing songs and presents with our loved ones. The story is told…

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Life Patterns

We could easily view the first 30 years of Joseph’s life as a roller-coaster.  As a young man he is described as a favourite son to his father, he is given a special coat and dreams of grandeur are revealed…

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The best of both worlds

There are two events in Klal Yisrael which seem very similar on the surface, but when analysed in depth, they are clear to be far from the same. The stories of Chanukah and Purim tell of the attempt to annihilate…

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