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Parsha Insights

“Today you have become a nation” (27:9). The Torah describes us as being born a nation on the day that we accepted upon ourselves to be loyal and faithful to G-d’s Torah! At this stage we were still a wandering…

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It is every kid's worst nightmare and six-year-old Jaden Hayes (from Savannah, Georgia) has lived it -twice. First he lost his dad when he was four and then last month his mother died unexpectedly in her sleep. What does one…

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Bringing Home

In this parashah (Ki Tetze 22:1-4) the Torah instructs us that if we see that a fellow Jew’s ox or sheep has lost its way, we may not turn a blind eye. Rather, we must take the necessary steps to…

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Two Wives!

Are you married? No? What you waiting for, join the club! Yes – for how long? Has it been a while since you were under the chupa with your spouse to be? How’s married life treating you? When we are…

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