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Trust or Effort

While the Jewish People travelled and sojourned in the desert, G-d sustained them with the Manna – heavenly bread. It was a miraculous food that was sent daily from heaven and tasted according to each person’s wishes. The experience of…

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Parasha Insights

How is your schedule looking next week? Shouldn’t really talk about it on Shabbat, but I am asking as this question has a specific lesson to teach. We are grateful to be living in one of the most advanced nations…

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The Second Opening of the Sea

Two weeks ago, I heard a beautiful shiur from Rabbi YY Jacobson, the likes of which I have never heard before, when he was in London for the Aleinu conference. The opening of our portion relates how Pharaoh reconsidered immediately…

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Seeing in the Dark

How will the most expensive divorce in history affect Amazon? The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos is splitting from his wife of 25 years – Mackenzie. Amazons founder Jeff is worth $134 billion, but a 50:50 split would mean he…

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