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The eternal gift

“Six days work may be done, but on the seventh day you shall have sanctity, a day of complete rest to Hashem”.This is the commandment at the core of Am Yisrael, the backbone of our religion, the reason we all…

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Parasha Insights

In 2015 Johnny Strange lived up to his last name – entering the record books for pulling a huge aeroplane with his ears! Johnny, 26 at the time, used chains through pierced holes in his ears to drag a Cessna…

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The Mishkan was an amazing edifice. It commanded awe, and Hashem’s presence dwelled amongst our nation. Alas today we are without the Mishkan and without the Bet Hamikdash. Nevertheless our Sages have taught us that there are many hints throughout…

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Space for Hashem

The most ambitious construction project was complete and the Mishkan – the portable desert sanctuary – was established according to Hashem’s instruction. So we would expect a triumphant climax to the people’s efforts as the Shechinah fills Hashem’s magnificent earthly…

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