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Out Of Order

The Gemara (Pesachim 6b) proves that on occasion the events in the Torah do not follow chronological order. This principle takes centre stage in a debate amongst the commentaries as to the order of the latter half of Chumash Shemot.…

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G-d’s Gift!

As the curtain rises on Parshat Vayakhel, Moshe assembles the nation in order to convey G-d’s commandments concerning the construction of the Mishkan (the Sanctuary). Suddenly, however, he opens his remarks with the following directives concerning Shabbat: “Six days work…

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When Moshe Rabbenu requested donations towards the Mishkan, the Passuk says “Vehamelacha Hayta Dayam… Vehoter.” (Shemot 36:7) The contributions brought by Bnei Yisrael were more than sufficient for what was needed for the construction of the Mishkan. The Ohr Hachaim…

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