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Where is G-d found?

When I was working in The Great Synagogue, Sydney, I was asked to set up and run a Shabbat morning children’s service.  The first one was held on Sedra Terumah.  I wanted to explain what the Aron HaKodesh – the…

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The “love” bite!

When Jacob and Esau finally meet in this week’s sedra the Torah describes; “Esau ran to meet him and hug him, and he fell on his neck, and he kissed him and they cried”. (Genesis 33:4) In a Torah scroll, there is…

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Lesson In Love

After several attempts by the Midianites to attack and destroy the Jewish people, Hashem instructs Moshe near the beginning of our sedra “To take vengeance for the Children of Israel against the Midianites” (Numbers 31:2).  However when Moshe instructs the people, he…

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