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Korbanot – idolatry related or not?

There are three seemingly contradictory reasons brought by Rambam for the commandments regarding sacrifices. In Moreh Nevuchim (The Guide for the Perplexed) he purports two different reasons. Firstly, he states that the sacrificial service is the product of the need for a…

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Where is the Holy Place?

We commonly assume that the Hebrew word “Kadosh” means “holy.” However, the Torah calls a harlot “Kedesha” (Gen. 38:15, 21), even though such a person doesn’t exactly fit anyone’s definition of holy. The commentators explain that “Kadosh” means separate, set aside or wholly designated…

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Miracles – what’s the point?

The Rambam states that Moshe performed greater miracles than any other prophet. Nevertheless, it is not because of miracles that we believe his revelation, but because Hashem himself bore witness that Moshe was the bearer of his word, and three…

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