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YOM KIPPUR: The 13 Attributes

Over time and even among Sephardim, the Jewish world has adopted practices that viewed objectively are hard to explain. But because they’re mentioned in the Talmud or attributed to some of our great teachers, we accept them on the basis…

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John Lennon

It’s easy to get lost in the Book of Debarim which is comprised of Moshe’s final speeches to Bnei Yisrael, the generation – who unlike their parents – would inherit the Land of Canaan. Of the three lengthy orations given by Moshe, it’s…

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Learning to Forgive

Parashat Ki Tissa, begins cheerily enough with descriptions of the Mahatsit HaShekel (the silver half-coin for taking a census) and the command to construct a washing laver placed between the outside of the Ohel Moed (Tent of Meeting) and the Sacrificial Altar. It includes…

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