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  There is a widely discussed question of why Rosh HaShanah precedes Yom HaKippur. Logically, it would seem to make more sense-and certainly be to our advantage-for the day of Mercy, when we are forgiven for our sins to precede…

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Parasha Insights

This week’s parasha discusses the purchase of a burial plot by Avraham Avinu for his wife Sarah. He buys the plot from the newly elected head of the Hittites, a scoundrel of a fellow by the name of Ephron. The…

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From Sublimation to Intensity

Yom Kippur, the ultimate day of repentance, has the Jewish nation simultaneously praying, fasting and asking for forgiveness. It begins with the somber, quiet, and melodious intonation of Kol Nidrei and ends with the entire congregation shouting Hashem hu HaElokim…

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Naughty Boys

Imagine a school classroom. The school day is nearly finished. The kids are fidgeting and restless. The teacher is still finishing off his lesson. While he is writing on the board, the bell goes. The teacher finishes writing. Seconds later,…

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