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The Tale of the Holy Vestment

In this week’s parasha there is a narrative that includes two verses that seem superfluous.  The Torah, in reintroducing Aharon and Moshe to us as they emerge as leaders of Klal Yisrael, also defines their lineage.  While tracing their heritage,…

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The Twilight Zone

  This week’s parasha contains four words that changed the course of history. We all know the story of Yosef’s arrest and imprisonment.  Shortly afterwards, two members of Pharaoh’s Court were also thrown into jail. We need to understand what…

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Imagine a school classroom. The school day is nearly finished. The kids are fidgeting and restless. The teacher is still finishing off his lesson. While he is writing on the board, the bell goes. The teacher finishes writing. Seconds later,…

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