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Simchat Purim!!!

By Rabbi SimchaKirschenbaum
March 21, 2016

Purim is a time when we celebrate and rejoice because Haman was destroyed, and the Jewish people were able to live their lives without fear, they were finally free.

The Pasuk in the Megilla says (8:16) “LayehudimHayataOraV’SimchaVesasonVikar” The Jews had light and gladness, joy and honour.

The Gemara in Megila (16:) says that Rav Yehuda explained this Pasuk as follows, Ora – This refers to the light of the Torah, the Torah gives off an inspirational light, as it is written Ki NerMitsvahVeTorah Or.

Simcha – This refers to Yom tov, as the Torah tells us VesamachtaB’chagecha.

Sason – This refers to the Brit Milah. Vikar – This refers to the Tefilin.

The Jewish people were Ora which refers to the Torah, which is a remez to the reading of the Megila. They were V’Simcha which is a Yom tov that refers to the Seuda that we have as the Halacha says, Simcha is only with meat and wine. Sasson is a remez to the MishloachManot we give, that is for the sake of the Seuda giving MishloachManot so others can rejoice. Vikar refers to the MattanotL’evyonim, we make them feel special and appreciated through the Tzedaka that we give on Purim.

The Jewish people, whilst in Shushan, were under the wicked Haman. They were not able to perform LimmudHatorah, Yom Tov, Brit Mila or Tefilin.

They were able to reach true Simcha, only once Haman was destroyed, then true simcha was returned to the Jewish people. What is true Simcha? That they were able to perform Mitsvot and learn Torah and then LayehudimHayataOraV’SimchaVesasonVikar, The Jewish people could continue serving Hashem with love and devotion without fear, and this is why we celebrate Purim to remind ourselves that we are standing strong with our traditions, and no one can take that away from us Am Yisrael Chai.

The MaamLoez adds, that in the time when the Jewish people were in Shushan, they had to hide themselves because of their oppressors, so much so that they didn’t even see the light of the sun. But when the wicked evil Haman was destroyed, the Jewish people were then able to come out. The decree had been destroyed, they were once again allowed to practice Mila, Shomer Shabbat and keep the Chagim, and be proud Jews.

Torah and Mitsvot make the Jewish people stand out from all other nations. Says the MaamLoez that the Simcha the Jewish people had in Shushan was a SimchaYiteirah additional happiness, where both physically and spiritually they were saved.

There was an extraordinary Simcha that the Jews experienced in Shushan, we find this very same SimchaYiteira when the Jewish people were standing at Har Sinai, and when the Jewish people celebrated on CholHamoed Sukkot the Simchat Bet Hashoeva. We daven and we yearn that Mashiach will come speedily in our days so we can feel and experience this SimchaYiteira Amen.

Happy Purim!!!
R’ SimchaKirschenbaum

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