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Antidote to Exile

Near the end of this week’s Parasha, the Torah tells us: “And Yosef sustained his father and his brothers and all of his father’s house with bread according to their numbers”(47:12). It makes sense that Yosef would provide for his…

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100 Berachot

The Gemara Menachot (43b) brings a famous saying of Rabbi Meir who states: “It is obligatory for every person to say 100 blessings (Berachot) each day.” The source for this 100 Berachot is derived from a Pasuk in Devarim (10:12)…

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Shema Yisrael!

Twenty two long years have passed and finally Yosef meets his father: “He [Yosef] fell on his [father’s] neck, and wept exceedingly” (46:29). Yosef poured out his heart in a sea of tears at the emotional release of seeing his…

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