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Complete Reliance

One of our main “legacies of life” is the positive commandment in this week’s parashah. “Tamim tiheye im Hashem Elokecha” – “You shall have complete reliance on Hashem your G-d” (Shofetim 18:13). We are commanded to serve Hashem with open…

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The Mishna in Pirkei Avot (1:6) states that we should make ourselves (have) a Rabbi, and buy ourselves a friend. Generally our perspective is highly subjective and biased with respect to all matters concerning our self. Our desires blind our…

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Parasha Insights

We are told “Judges and officers you shall place for yourself (singular) in all of your gates” (Devarim 16:18). If the Torah is commanding us to appoint representatives as part of a Judicial System then it seems strange we are…

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