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Shema – Give Witness!

There is a famous story of a traveller who visited one of the greatest rabbis of the last generation - the Chafetz Chaim. The traveller entered the humble abode of the Chafetz Chaim and was astonished by the meagre accommodation.…

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Appreciating Appreciation

Liluis Nishmas Esther bat Dona A story[1] is told about the Gaon Reb Yonoson Eybechutz[2]. Before he became famous he used to be the Rabbi of a small town in Czechoslovakia. Seeing that he was not overly busy with halachic matters…

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Are you wise?!

A Jew was riding on a train travelling through Russia. Seated next to him was a soldier of the Czar quietly boiling and seething with deep hatred toward the Jew. In one moment he let loose his anger to the…

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Parasha Insights

This week’s Haftorah begins with the words NachamuNachamu Ami, which means that Hashem will console us, twice. שמחינו כימות עניתנו שנות ראינו רעה(Tehilim 90:15) We plead with the Shechino that we should merit to rejoice in our salvation, equal to…

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