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Blessings are great, but curses, well no one wants to hear those. This weeks Parsha sets out the blessings that will occur when we do the Will of our Creator, and Chas Ve Shalom the curses that will occur if…

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Parasha Insights

Imagine if you were to introduce someone to the concept of Mitzvot for the first time. Would you tell them about a Mitzvah that has no reasoning or understanding, or rather tell them about the beauty of Shabbat or the…

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Warriors of 2015

Working for a livelihood has never been so hard. Not physically, but mentally draining, due mainly to the influx of technology that beckons our everyday life. Business is tough and competition ripe. How should we view our competitors and how…

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What’s in a Name?

The first of this week’s double portion is called Behar. Meaning “at the mountain”, it refers to Har Sinai, the mountain characterised for its transparent humility, where we received the Torah. Immediately after Hashem’s awesome revelation at Sinai, Moshe climbed…

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