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Shabbat Hagadol

One of the most interesting aspects of this Shabbat preceding Pesach is its name which we usually translate to mean the Great Shabbat.  However this leaves us with a number of questions. Why then is the masculine adjective ha-gadol used,…

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The Beis HaLevi 

The Beis HaLevi, Rov of Brisk had an interesting custom. ‎While receiving his townspeople in his study and offering them his sage advice and counsel, he would regularly open a small silver snuff box, peer inside, and then close it.…

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This week’s Torah portion, Metsora, discusses the laws of various forms of Tumah [spiritual defilement] that result from certain discolorations on the body, clothing, or one’s home, as well as certain discharges. Removing the impurity is not always a simple…

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An eye for an eye

The Torah states that the punishment for speaking lashon hara (slander) is for that individual to be removed to outside the camp and be left alone. Rashi is troubled with a simple question. We know that Hashem does all judgement…

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