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Powerful Words!

Have you ever been in a group having a conversation, when you notice that the person that is speaking the most might be speaking a lot but deep down there seems to be no meaning emanating from him? Some people…

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The Beis HaLevi 

The Beis HaLevi, Rov of Brisk had an interesting custom. ‎While receiving his townspeople in his study and offering them his sage advice and counsel, he would regularly open a small silver snuff box, peer inside, and then close it.…

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This week’s Torah portion, Metsora, discusses the laws of various forms of Tumah [spiritual defilement] that result from certain discolorations on the body, clothing, or one’s home, as well as certain discharges. Removing the impurity is not always a simple…

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Parasha Insights

In this week’s Parasha we learn about the Metzora – a person who is afflicted and cast out of the camp because of the sin of slander. The Midrash explains that the word Metzora can be read Motsi Shem Ra…

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