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“Why Purim”

Amalek attacked the Jewish people shortly after they left Egypt. At that point the B’nei Yisrael had not yet established themselves in the world in any way. Their only recent interaction with another nation had been as slaves. They had…

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Hashem’s Wonders

Soon we shall all be sitting with our families around the Seder table, men women, grandparents, children, many generations sitting at one table in order to relate the story of our ancestors and how G-d redeemed them from Egypt. It…

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Parasha Insights

“Command [Tzav] Aharon and his sons” (6:2). Rashi comments that the Hebrew word Tzav used by the Torah here to mean “command” is an expression indicating performing enthusiastically and swiftly, without hesitation. The Torah uses this encouraging expression because the…

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