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A Leader’s Sins

“If a leader [“Nassi”] sins unintentionally and commits one of all G-d’s commandments, which may not be committed, incurring guilt.” (Perek 4, Pasuk 22) The Gemara (Horayot 10a) defines the leader referred to in this Pasuk, as the King. The…

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G-d’s Gift!

As the curtain rises on Parshat Vayakhel, Moshe assembles the nation in order to convey G-d’s commandments concerning the construction of the Mishkan (the Sanctuary). Suddenly, however, he opens his remarks with the following directives concerning Shabbat: “Six days work…

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Blessings are great, but curses, well no one wants to hear those. This weeks Parasha sets out the blessings that will occur when we do the will of our Creator, and Chas Ve Shalom the curses that will occur if…

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King or Queen?

A cruel husband once approached his wife and told her “I’m the boss and you’re nothing.” She instantly replied, “Well I guess then… that makes you the boss of nothing!” How much wisdom was captured in those few lines and…

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