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A Leader’s Sins

“If a leader [“Nassi”] sins unintentionally and commits one of all G-d’s commandments, which may not be committed, incurring guilt.” (Perek 4, Pasuk 22) The Gemara (Horayot 10a) defines the leader referred to in this Pasuk, as the King. The…

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G-d’s Gift!

As the curtain rises on Parshat Vayakhel, Moshe assembles the nation in order to convey G-d’s commandments concerning the construction of the Mishkan (the Sanctuary). Suddenly, however, he opens his remarks with the following directives concerning Shabbat: “Six days work…

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King or Queen?

A cruel husband once approached his wife and told her “I’m the boss and you’re nothing.” She instantly replied, “Well I guess then… that makes you the boss of nothing!” How much wisdom was captured in those few lines and…

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