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Caesarians and Pesach

Some time ago, a woman I know gave birth for the first time to a baby boy through a Caesarian-Section. Following the Brit I was asked to calculate when the Pidyon HaBen would fall. My attempt to explain to the…

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Environmental Friendly

We may not like to think of ourselves as conformists but there is ample scientific evidence that to some extent, whether we like it or not, we are conditioned by the environment and society we find ourselves in. In the…

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An Entire Year of סוכות

Praying for a סוכה During the Year: סוכות is a special time of the year. Once a year, for eight days, we have a variety of beautiful מצות to perform. We seem however to want סוכות the entire year! Every evening of…

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Differentiation: A Modern Phenomenon?

There is much dialogue in the generation we live regarding successful parenting and education. Society around us gives us the impression that the new bestsellers on positive parenting and innovative courses on successful schooling are a must in order to…

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