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A calamitous confusion

In this week’s Parasha we are told of the terrible calamity of the worshipping of the golden calf. As Moshe Rabbenu receives the luchot from Hashem atop Har Sinai he is told Shemot (32:7) ‘Lech red ki shichet amecha – Go descend for…

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“Extra Sensitivity”

In Parashat Korach we are told of the dispute raised against Moshe and Aharon, concerning challenging the leadership, Kehunah Gedolah and ultimately the veracity of all Moshe Rabbenu’s communication with Hashem. The land swallowed up Korach, Datan, Aviram and their…

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Open Your Eyes!

In this week’s Parasha we are told of a remarkable exchange between Bilam and an angel of Hashem. Bilam’s donkey stops in its tracks when an angel brandishing a sword blocks its way. Bilam doesn’t see the angel and so…

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Hashem is with you!

In this week’s parasha Eliezer is sent to find a wife for Yitzchak. The Torah’s narrative of the episode is uniquely detailed and seemingly repetitive. The Torah relates how Eliezer requested heavenly guidance, asking Hashem for a specific sign in…

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