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Heroes in the Sand

And gave us the Torah, and brought us into the Land of Israel” (Dayeinu, Pesach Hagaddah) There is a famous question, asked year after year at almost every Seder table. Why did the Holy One, Blessed is He, give us…

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It was a momentous occasion; Simon was finally under the Chupa with his dear bride Sarah. Hundreds of people eagerly looked on as the final smash of the glass occurred accompanied by music and large chants of Mazal Tov! The…

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Caesarians and Pesach

Some time ago, a woman I know gave birth for the first time to a baby boy through a Caesarian-Section. Following the Brit I was asked to calculate when the Pidyon HaBen would fall. My attempt to explain to the…

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Ten Plagues or ten lessons?

The ten plagues. Hashems way of executing the justified punishment for the Egyptians. The several hundred years of intense and barbaric treatment that the Egyptian nation delivered unto the Jewish people would not go unnoticed. But why is it that…

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