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The lobster is a soft mushy animal that lives inside a solid shell. That rigid shell doesn’t expand. So how does the lobster grow? As the lobster grows it feels under pressure of its shell. It goes under a rock…

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Parasha Insights

A couple came in for counselling. The husband was a football ‘fanatic’. The wife spoke of how every night he would rush to the TV and ensure to watch the game. The therapist assured her it was actually quite the…

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The Sky’s the Limit

The parashah tells of a famous dialogue between Avraham Avinu and Hakadosh Baruch Hu: Avraham is troubled that he will not have children, Hashem takes Avraham outside to show him the stars and says your children will be many just…

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Lech Lecha

From the moment we are born, to the day that G-d calls us, we are tested. In essence, everything is a test, and once we absorb this, it will become easier to bear the many challenges and trials of life.…

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