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Which Mitzvah Is It?

The Torah relates how at the end of days after experiencing tough times, Am Yisrael will repent returning to Hashem. The commentators are baffled by a Pasuk that seems to follow on and mentions a special mitzvah. Am Yisrael are…

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John Lennon

It’s easy to get lost in the Book of Debarim which is comprised of Moshe’s final speeches to Bnei Yisrael, the generation – who unlike their parents – would inherit the Land of Canaan. Of the three lengthy orations given by Moshe, it’s…

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Miracles – what’s the point?

The Rambam states that Moshe performed greater miracles than any other prophet. Nevertheless, it is not because of miracles that we believe his revelation, but because Hashem himself bore witness that Moshe was the bearer of his word, and three…

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Are you thirsty?

Cognitive dissonance is a kind of armour that we build up to ward off information that we don’t want to hear. According to cognitive dissonance theory, we seek consistency among our beliefs. When there is dissonance between belief and behaviour,…

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