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Be Fruitful

Our Torah contains 613 commandments, mitzvot. There are 248 positive ones that we must “do,” and 365 negative ones that we must be careful “not to do.” These 613 are the key mitzvot, from which thousands of other mitzvot branch…

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Antidote to Exile

Near the end of this week’s Parasha, the Torah tells us: “And Yosef sustained his father and his brothers and all of his father’s house with bread according to their numbers”(47:12). It makes sense that Yosef would provide for his…

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100 Berachot

The Gemara Menachot (43b) brings a famous saying of Rabbi Meir who states: “It is obligatory for every person to say 100 blessings (Berachot) each day.” The source for this 100 Berachot is derived from a Pasuk in Devarim (10:12)…

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