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Parasha Insights

“And Noach the man of the earth profaned and he planted a vineyard and drank from the wine and he became drunk” “Vayachel” Rashi explains that he profaned himself as he should have first planted something else.  The Midrash Rabbah…

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The Lazy Son!

How are you feeling this week? Exhausted!?! Why? Well, where do I start? After a month of waking up early for Selichot, two deep days in prayer at Rosh Hashanah, ten days of repenting followed by a beautiful fast on…

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Noach’s Koach

Cher Ami was one of the 600 pigeons of the Signal Corps of the US Army, which were used to exchange important information during World War II. In just one year, Cher Ami made dozens of combat flights and delivered 12 messages of particular importance. Cher Ami’s last trip…

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Late June 1976; passengers boarding Air France flight 139 discover it is now stopping in Athens en route to Paris. Some, like George and Rivka Karfunkel don’t want to board; Athens airport was renowned for its terrible security; indeed it…

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